Finding The Balance

How do you explain to people that you’re a big picture person, but also care a halluva lots about the tiny microscopic details? Asking cause it’s exhausting… so, whose actually figured out how to “balance” it all out? 😬

Anyway, in the last almost 3 years I’ve learned a lot about my desire to control my life and giving it ALL to God. There’s a sense of freedom that comes with giving is ALL to God and allowing Him to guide you in all aspects of life. However, this is also a lifetime journey of giving it ALL to him.

It’s exhausting carrying everything ourselves, but it’s also exhausting trying to find a way to give part of it to God and keep the other part to yourself.

In my own personal life that’s not the balance I want. Every situation is different and should be treated as such. As a student, I knew I needed to study, but also prayed for guidance in my studies. As a wife, I know the sort of wife I want to be but I pray for God’s guidance in becoming the wife, my husband needs, but I also intuitively seek to be the wife my husband needs for different circumstances.

My “balance” depends on trusting God to equip me with what I need for every situation.
As someone planning to be a mother in the future, I believe God has equipped me to be the mother my future kids need. The mother who plans and researches extensively years in advance and the mother who is proactive as opposed to reactive. Above all, he is in the process of making me into the best version of me and I trust him entirely.

So, how do you handle the “balance“?


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