Reflections While Social Distancing

Happy good morning/afternoon,

I hope everyone’s safe and sound. It’s been a reflective time in our household. By now we all pretty much know the schedule for EWTN. I wanted to share two things I’ve been reflecting on since 6am today. The first is the prayer of Sir Thomas More, :

“Give us, Lord, a lively faith, a firm hope, a fervent charity, a love of you. Take from us all lukewarmness in meditation, dullness in prayer. Give us fervor and delight in thinking of you and your grace, your tender compassion towards me. The things we pray for, good Lord, give us grace to labor for: through Jesus Christ our Lord.” Amen

I love this prayer for this time we’re in because just a day or two ago I noticed a post by Andy Crouch on Twitter that said: “honestly hadn’t planned on giving up quite this much for Lent”. This made me and my aunt chuckle and even throw some jokes around. BUT on thinking about it some more and listening to some podcasts (as one does at times like this ) I realized that so much of us need time with God. I can’t get out of my head how wonderful God is at relentlessly pursuing us. It’s said that He never tires of pursuing us but it’s us that tire of pursuing Him. So, in this time of social distancing, I hope we all finally get a chance to relentlessly pursuit Him. Because really, all of our distractions are gone and it’s now more than ever before just us and Him. I don’t know about you, but I think this is an invitation to grow deeper in communion with Him.

The second is from this morning mass on EWTN:

“If men knew what eternity is, they would do everything to change their lives.” -Message from Our Lady of Fatima to Blessed Jacinta Marto

It felt too perfect of an awakening for this moment in time. A perfect and gentle reminder that God operates in every moment and time. What might feel like a crisis to us, might be a revival to him.

Blessings for more encounters with our Lord and Savior.

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