Living on a Loan

I’ve been living my life on a loan ever since I was wee little cells in my mother’s body. Yeah, this story isn’t about finances. Believe me, you don’t want financial advice from me! I’m not great at it! However, I can tell you a bit about living on a loan because I have done it my entire life! Now, a lot of us always say things like “I’ll do it tomorrow” or “There’s always a tomorrow” or something along those lines. It makes me chuckle because we’ve all heard “nothing is certain except for death and taxes”, and because of this phrase I wonder why so many people are so certain about a tomorrow. Of course, we hope for tomorrow, but we should always be reminded that it is not certain. There’s nothing in this life that is certain except for an end to this life and of course, paying your taxes. 

So, how does one live life knowing that it is on a loan? With faith and joy. You see when Jesus died he ensured that for us there will be a continuation of life. He ensured that we would never end, but would live life forever. Now, that is not to say that we will not transition from this life, and out of this body. 

That is to say that the very life we are living was purchased by Jesus. We are not our own. He gave his life for us and in doing so we were bought with a price. The price was his life. Can you imagine someone telling you, I will save your life, and I will do this by giving up my own life so that you will live forever? That’s exactly what he did for us! It’s the most miraculous GIFT ever given in the history of creation besides life itself. For this, we are to live life knowing that it’s not free. Knowing that we are called to serve others, and die to ourselves for them because that is the example Jesus gave us and that is the greatest GIFT you can give another. The gift of life. Dying of your self daily for another.

Now, I’m not saying killing yourself daily for another. I mean making choices which would better another. Acts of service. Selfless acts. That is dying of yourself for another. That is living on a loan.

Anyone who has ever taken out a loan will tell you that normally you take out a loan because you want to do something great, and wonderful, but do not have the resources available to you at that moment so you take out a loan to make that dream a reality. Well, Jesus used his life as the loan and gave it to us. Now, it is up to us to show him how we are going to live it. What amazing things we’re going to do with it. This loan is so special because it is one you never have to pay back, and sadly a lot of people waste the loan given to them because it is one they don’t have to pay back. For those of us who are Christ followers, we know that choosing God daily is the small way we can attempt to pay back the loan Jesus took out for us. Choosing to do good, and be of service to others is the greatest act you can partake in. It directly imitates the very act of Jesus Christ.

It shows that you value the one who gave his life for you. It shows that you know this life would be nothing without his sacrifice.

This is living life on a loan.

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  1. The degree of narcissism today is unprecedented. People are quite selfish and secretly don’t give anything about your pursuits. Even those close to you.

    Good post


  2. Hey! So long as you are happy that is all that matters. Live and let live


  3. Kimberlie says:

    This is beautifully written. I took my son to see a program put on my our local churches and was impressed that they didn’t do the flowery version of a Christmas story and showed the crucifixion and the true meaning behind the season. Too much in our current society is watered down and diluted. Fabulous work sharing the truth.


    1. So true! Good on you for taking your son to see the real reason for the season!


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