Not Accidental

I think one thing that is clear to me by now is that my story isn’t one with lots of flowers and sparkles, and I’m completely fine with that. Know why? It’s because I’ve worked hard to be the person I’m today. It’s because I know there’s nothing in the universe that happens by accident. Everything that takes place is known. I’m known. You are known. God knows everything there’s to know about you, and me, and our lives. He knows what will happen from the beginning to the end. He knows of all the choices, and the obstacles you, and I have to overcome to become the individual that he desires for us to be.

I say this because the saddest part of life is living as if our life is an accident or that everything that happens in our lives happens by accident. There’s no luck in you waking up in the morning. There’s no luck in you marrying the person that you did. There’s no luck in anything that has happened in your life by far. I know there’s definitely no luck in my life. I know it was all acts of mercy and loads of miracles.

I’m that girl who lays in bed and talks to God. Like this: Hi daddy … thanks for another day. Thanks for keeping me safe. Did you know that … you already know, but I’m going to tell you anyway. Did you know that I called that alumnus today, and wow did you hear everything that she does? isn’t it wild?

So yeah, I talk to God as I would a family member or a friend. I talk to him not as the big guy in the sky who made everything, but as my dad. Because he is my dad, and it’s a relationship that has been at work for what feels like ages. It actually wasn’t until about six months ago that I started doing that. One night as I crawled into bed I thought to myself that I needed to pray more. Like not just prayer before a meal, but pray often as in talk to God. At that moment, I just started talking to him about my day, and as I drifted off to sleep, I felt at ease.

When I woke up, I decided that is what I’m going to do every day. I’m going to talk to him about my day, and thank him for my day as I drift off to sleep. To some, it’s not a huge act, but for my hectic days, it is a huge step and a huge act. It doesn’t matter how you choose to spend time with God. What matters is that you do choose to spend time with him, and when you get there, you focus on you, and him. It’s truly a relationship in the truest of sense. You get from it what you put into it. There’s no magic wand to help you with it. It takes work, and it takes being consistent.

It’s difficult to fail at human relationships when you have a solid relationship with God. A relationship with him sets the foundation for the relationship you have with other people in your life. In a relationship, the goal is to get to know more about the other person, and you do that by spending more time with the person. Imagine doing that with God? It’s amazing what you get in turn when you spend time with him.

I love talking about prayer because it is one of the best ways to get to know God. To me, it is probably the easiest date to plan. You don’t need to bring anything but yourself, and the intention to listen and speak with an open heart. I know that it is difficult to listen when you’re running your mouth, and I’ll talk about listening in the relationship on another post. For now, just realize that communication is crucial in every relationship so start by talking to him. When you’re happy, communicate. When you’re sad, mad, and overwhelmed, communicate. Just as you would in any relationship.

Oh, in no way is my prayer life perfect. It needs as much work as most things in my life, but I have a prayer life, and that’s a reminder I give myself often when I get bummed by looking at the people around me and see the picture-perfect, by the book, make you jealous of your lack of prayer time sort of feelings. Our prayer life is like our fingerprint. It is unique and only known to him.

He is interested in hearing from you, and the more you talk to him the more you’ll realize that nothing in your life is accidental. Everything that you are is purposeful. You are purposefully loved and claimed by him, and there’s no one dead or alive who can take that away from you.

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