Yep, I’m That Girl …

So, yeah, I’m that girl who has looked up schools. That girl who has Google docs with steps and things to get done before having children. I’m that girl who wants to ensure my children have the best chance at life. So much so that I have a five-year plan that leads right up to conception. Well, I’ll tell you what’s included in my five-year plan. Real Talk though, that five-year plan is now a three-year plan!

I’m all about being flexible, but I’m most importantly I’m all about being ready.

As my husband and I have realized, therapy is definitely a part of that 5-year (turned three-year ) plan. Buying a house, and finding the best school / the best area to live in is also a huge part of that plan. I don’t want to go in blind. In fact, I’ve even decided on which month to get pregnant. I know, crazy right? Don’t get me wrong, God’s timing is always the best time. I believe that deep inside. What most people don’t realize is that I’ve never been one to wing it. God and I can agree that being pregnant is not the best time to start winging it.

I’m a planner. I love structure, but I also welcome unexpected surprises. After all, my hubby is the best-unexpected surprise a girl could have asked for. However, I’ve always been that girl who knew what she wanted. I came into college with my major, and minors in hand. Whenever I was asked about my plans I was always ready to tell others my five-year, and my ten-year plan.

This need for a structured life, of course, goes back to my parents. Their story is for another time. Anyway, where were we?


In no way do I think we’re magically going to be with child on our first try or anything, but with close attention to my ovulation and my cycle, I pray we will be successful. Because, in case I haven’t mentioned, I’m also that girl who wants to get pregnant at close to 30 or in my early 30s. Believe me, it wasn’t an easy decision. My mother had a tough pregnancy so I was and still, am a little bit nervous about getting pregnant at 30. My mom was about 16 when she was pregnant with me so I hope that was a part of the reason why her pregnancy was tough. I’m praying that mine will not be so difficult.

I’m also that girl whose mother never finished high school, so for me, education is everything. I’m about to start my doctoral study, and it will play a huge part in what the three to five-year plan looks like for my family.

In case you haven’t noticed, I contradict myself a lot! Lol

In the process of all this, I realized I’m sort of a type A. I like things to be planned out in advance, and I don’t like surprises. It started after about 9 months into dating. We knew we didn’t want to be parents right away. In fact, we wanted to wait a few years and get to know each other first. I believe that will help us when we eventually become parents. I can’t think of anything worse for our family right now than to be trying to be parents when we’re also trying to get to know each other better. I’ll be writing more on this later.

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